Equipment Rental for Eco-Sports and Water Activities

Discover the charm of the sea with our rental service!

We offer you a wide range of equipment to practice Eco-Sports and Water Activities in a fun and sustainable way.

Choose from:

  • Kayak
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)
  • Windsurf
  • Sailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving

And much more!


Windsurf: Ride the waves with the power of the wind.

Wingsurf: Experience the thrill of flying over the water with this innovative discipline.

SUP: Paddle in peace and admire the beauty of the sea.

Sailing (Laser 1): Learn to sail and challenge the wind.

RS Dinghy Sailing: Fun for all the family.

Hobie Cat 15 Catamaran: A fast and adrenaline-pumping sailing experience.

Single, double, triple, quadruple canoe: Explore the coast with friends.

Engine Activities:

Yelo (small motorboat): Sail in style and with ease.

Wakeboarding, water skiing, wakesurfing sessions: Experience the thrill of the waves.

Rent Yelo, the Motorboat

Yelo: Your freedom on the water!

Yelo is the innovative way to experience the sea, combining the fun of being at sea with a small boat with a petrol engine.


  • Eye-catching design: Its bright yellow color and modern lines make it a real gem to show off in the water.
  • Petrol engine: for effortless sailing.
  • Safety: Built with resistant materials and equipped with all the safety systems for a worry-free water experience.
  • Versatile: Perfect for family outings, fishing, relaxing or exploring the coast in peace and quiet.

Yelo a Motore is the ideal choice for:

  • Loving the sea and nature: Enjoy the charm of sailing and relaxing
  • Experiencing the sea with your family: A fun and safe experience for young and old, to share with the people you love.

Yelo a Motore: your new companion for adventures at sea!

Rent a Catamaran with Skipper

Set sail for adventure: rent a catamaran with skipper and immerse yourself in your dreams!

Let the wind carry you away: imagine gliding over the crystal clear waves, lulled by the rhythm of the sea. The sun kissing your skin, the scent of the sea air filling your lungs, the freedom to explore pristine coves and secret bays. All this is possible with a catamaran rental with skipper.

A carefree experience: rely on the competence and experience of a professional skipper who will lead you to discover the hidden treasures of the sea. Forget the stress of sailing, relax and enjoy every moment of this unforgettable holiday.

Comfort and relaxation on board: catamarans offer large sunbathing areas, comfortable cockpits and cabins equipped with every comfort. You will be able to live in total autonomy, lulled by the gentle rhythm of the waves and surrounded by the beauty of the sea.

A tailor-made trip: choose the destination that fascinates you most, from the Caribbean to the Aeolian Islands, from Greece to the Balearics. Customize your itinerary according to your preferences and let yourself be guided by the magic of the moment.

An opportunity to create indelible memories: a catamaran holiday is a unique experience to be enjoyed with your family, friends or your better half. An opportunity to create memories that will last forever.

Do not hesitate, set sail for adventure! Contact us to receive a personalized quote and live the dream of a catamaran holiday with skipper.

Why choose a skippered rental:

  • Safety and peace of mind: the skipper will take care of everything, from sailing to boat management, guaranteeing you a carefree holiday.
  • Experience and knowledge: the skipper knows the sea like the back of his hand and will lead you to discover the most beautiful and suggestive places.
  • Relaxation and fun: you will finally be able to relax and enjoy every moment of your holiday, without having to worry about anything.
  • Flexibility and customization: you can choose the destination, itinerary and duration of your holiday according to your preferences.

Rent a catamaran with skipper and give yourself and the people you love an unforgettable experience!

Buenaonda Surf and Marinella Beach in Sardinia

Marinella Beach

Marinella Beach is a beautiful beach located on the northeastern coast of Sardinia, near the renowned tourist resort of Porto Rotondo.

Location: Marinella is located in the Gallura region, about 15 kilometers northeast of Olbia, the main city and port of the island. Its privileged position makes it easily accessible from various tourist resorts on the Costa Smeralda.

Landscape and environment: Marinella Beach boasts a breathtaking landscape characterized by fine white sand and crystal clear waters that vary from shades of blue to turquoise. The bay is framed by hills covered with Mediterranean scrub, offering an intact and suggestive natural environment.

Size and infrastructures: The beach stretches for several kilometers along the coast, offering ample space to relax and enjoy the sun. The area has well-equipped tourist facilities, including bathing establishments, bars, restaurants and water sports equipment rental services.

Activities: Marinella is an ideal destination for water sports lovers, with the possibility of practicing activities such as swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking and SUP (Stand-Up Paddle), Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, Boat Trips and Sailing. The shallow and crystal clear waters make it also suitable for families with children.

Accessibility: The beach is easily accessible by car, with ample parking available nearby. It is also possible to reach it by public transport or tourist transport services. Moreover, the beach can also be reached by train from Olbia every day at different times.

Proximity to other attractions: Marinella is located near other renowned tourist resorts on the Costa Smeralda, such as Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo, which offer a wide range of accommodation facilities, luxury shops, restaurants and nightlife.

In summary, Marinella Beach is a splendid seaside destination that enchants visitors with its crystal clear waters, breathtaking scenery and numerous opportunities for recreation and relaxation. It is a must-see for those visiting Sardinia in search of natural beauty and tranquility.