Beyond the Water's Edge: The Ecstasy of Wakeboarding

Ready to leave the land and dive into a world of emotions and adrenaline on the water? Welcome to our Wakeboard Course, where adventure comes to life on the waves and freedom merges with the power of the wind.

What you will learn in our Wakeboard Course:

  • Theoretical bases
  • Position and balance
  • Departure from the water
  • Cut and direction
  • Basic jumps and tricks
  • Basic maneuvers
  • Water safety
  • Environmental awareness
  • Personal progression

Introduction to the Wakeboard Course

Wakeboarding is not just a water sport, but a passion that captures the soul and frees the spirit. With our course, we will guide you through the fundamentals of this dynamic discipline, allowing you to discover the pleasure of sailing and the thrill of action in one of its purest forms.

Under the expert guidance of our certified instructors, you will learn the basic techniques of Wakeboarding, from a smooth start from the water to navigating through the waves with elegance and control. Each lesson will be an opportunity to improve your skills, refine your style and overcome your personal limits, all in a fun and relaxed environment.

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Wakeboard course techniques

Stance and Balance: Students learn the correct body position on the wakeboard and how to maintain balance while riding on the water.

Water Start: Techniques for starting from the water using a tow bar are taught, including correct body position and weight distribution for a smooth start.

Cutting and Edge Control: Instructors explain how to execute an effective cut through the water, including using the edge of the board to steer and maintain desired speed.

Basic Jumps and Tricks: During the course, students may begin to learn the fundamentals of basic jumps and tricks, such as the water jump, the roll, and grabs (grabbing the board while jumping).

Basic Maneuvers: Basic maneuvers, such as turns and changes of direction, are taught, useful for navigating around obstacles or performing tricks.

Water Safety: Safety is essential in any wakeboarding course. Students learn basic wakeboarding rules, safety procedures, and precautions to take in case of a fall or accident.

Environmental Awareness: Depending on the course, a section on environmental awareness may be included, including tips for reducing environmental impact while wakeboarding.

Personal Progression: Wakeboarding courses are designed to adapt to the needs and skill level of the students. Instructors can offer personalized feedback and suggestions to help students continually improve their skills.

Wakeboarding is a fun and exciting activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. A wakeboarding course is a great way to learn the basics of this sport and start having fun on the water.

Water Ski

Pure Excitement.

Water skiing is an explosion of emotions: adrenaline, joy, freedom, challenge. An experience that leaves you breathless and wanting to live it over and over again.

Water Skiing: A Thrilling and Challenging Sport

Water skiing is a water sport that combines speed and adrenaline. An athlete is towed by a motorboat through the water on a special ski. The goal is to maintain balance and speed, performing spectacular acrobatics and maneuvers.

Water skiing is divided into several disciplines, each with its own characteristics and specializations:

  • Slalom: The athlete must pass a series of buoys arranged in a slalom, trying to achieve the best possible time.
  • Figures: The athlete performs a series of codified acrobatics and figures, such as jumps, rotations, and changes of direction.
  • Jumping: The goal is to make the longest possible jump, using the speed of the boat and the take-off technique.
  • Combined: This discipline combines the three previous specialties, giving life to a complete competition.