Discovering the Sea: An Exciting Sailing Course for Children and Adults of All Ages

If you are a young person passionate about the sea and want to learn to sail, then this sailing course is perfect for you. From theory to practice, we will explore the fundamentals of sailing and the phases of the course that will lead you towards exciting adventures. Discover what the kids learn in this course and get ready to tackle a fleet of skills in the world of sailing.

What you will learn in our Sailing Course:

  • Theoretical bases
  • Types of sails
  • Safety rules
  • Practical skills (rudder control and sails)
  • Interpret the weather conditions
  • Work as a team
  • Communicate effectively
  • Make quick decisions as the wind changes
  • Manage onboard resources
  • Exploration of the marine environment

The fundamentals of sailing: From theory to practice

In the sailing course, participants are introduced to the theoretical foundations of this fascinating sport. They learn the basics of sailing, such as nautical terminology, the main marine knots and safety rules at sea. Afterwards, they move on to the practical phase, where they can put into practice what they have learned during the theoretical lessons. Under the careful guidance of experienced instructors, the children learn how to maneuver a sailboat, manage the sails and orient themselves in the wind. This hands-on experience allows them to become familiar with the marine environment and to develop essential navigation skills to face more complex adventures in the open sea.

Sailing towards adventure: The phases of the sailing course

The phases of the sailing course are a real journey towards adventure. Young sailors start with the theoretical foundations, learning the fundamental principles of sailing and the importance of safety at sea. Afterwards, they move on to practice, putting their acquired knowledge into practice on board a boat. During this phase, they learn how to maneuver the sails, navigate in different weather conditions and manage emergency situations. This experience gives them the opportunity to develop practical skills, such as teamwork, leadership and the ability to make quick decisions. Sailing towards adventure is an exciting journey that allows young sailors to discover the sea and themselves in a unique and stimulating way.

A Fleet of Skills: What We Learn in the Sailing Course

In a sailing course, participants learn a wide range of skills that go beyond just sailing. In addition to acquiring the theoretical foundations of sailing, such as the different types of sails and safety rules, young sailors also develop practical skills such as controlling the rudder and sails. They learn to interpret weather conditions and make quick decisions to adapt to changes in wind and currents. Furthermore, by working as a team, they learn to communicate effectively, make collective decisions and manage resources on board. This sailing course offers young people the opportunity to grow not only as sailors, but also as individuals with social and leadership skills.

Exploring the sea through a sailing course is an exciting experience for young sailors. From theory to practice, they learn the basics of sailing and face the challenges of adventure at sea. But beyond sailing, they develop a fleet of skills that will stay with them for life. What other adventures could they embark on thanks to what they have learned?

Laser 1 Dinghy Sailing Course

The Laser 1 Dinghy Sailing Course is an introductory sailing course designed to teach beginners the basics of sailing. The course covers both theory and practice, and students will learn about the different parts of a sailboat, how to rig and unrig the boat, how to sail in different points of sail, and how to steer the boat.

Course Program:


  • Sailing terminology
  • Basic principles of sailing
  • Sailing points of sail
  • Basic sailing maneuvers
  • Safety at sea


  • Rigging and unrigging the boat
  • Boarding and disembarking the boat
  • Sail trim
  • Changing points of sail
  • Tacking and jibing
  • Man overboard recovery

Course Objectives:

  • Acquire the basic theoretical knowledge to sail a dinghy
  • Learn the basic maneuvers to steer the boat
  • Be able to sail safely in favorable weather conditions
  • Gain the confidence to sail independently

Course Duration:

The Laser 1 Dinghy Sailing Course with private lessons lasts approximately 1 hour. The duration of the course may vary depending on the level of the students and the weather conditions.


  • Be able to swim
  • Be in good physical condition
  • Have a medical certificate for non-competitive activities


  • Wetsuit
  • Life jacket
  • Windbreaker
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen


  • It is advisable to bring a change of clothes and a towel.
  • It is important to listen carefully to the instructor’s instructions.
  • It is essential to be cautious and follow the safety rules at sea.

Laser 1 Dinghy Sailing Course: A Fun and Rewarding Experience

The Laser 1 Dinghy Sailing Course is an opportunity to learn how to sail a sailboat and to experience the thrill of being at sea. The Laser is a fun and high-performance boat that allows you to learn sailing techniques in a safe and enjoyable way.